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“> How Collaborative Learning Leads to Student Success Encouraging students to reach out to each other to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills, but it leads to deeper learning and solidified meaning of teamwork. Something that they will use throughout your lifetime. What our collaborative learning style empowers and enables is a student’s resilience — how do you look to your classmate as a resource, how do you test your own theories, how do you understand … Read More

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Ellen Anderson – Dean of Faculty Sue Bannen – Library Lynne Callahan – Photography/Physical Education Lynne Callahan – Yearbook Stephanie Cecelia – Spanish Andrea Clausi – Social Studies Lynda Corey – Resource Kelly Culver – English Patty Deegan – Alumni Patty Deegan – Development Elizabeth Ditolla – Guidance George Endres – Social Studies Dave Goho – Social Studies/Dean of Students Monica Gonzalez – Spanish Art Gould – Assistant Principal Mary Lou Giuliano – Office Regina Heffernan- Science Abigal Ressa – Music/Theatre Victoria Howland – English/Music Tiffany Ivino – Math Kim Kross – Nurse Karen Kuhn – IT/Webmaster Jim Lyons – Principal … Read More

Indoor Track

Co-ed teamCoach: TBAHome meets held at Coleman gymnasium 2017/18 Roster:   News and Highlights

Boy’s Tennis

Coach: Bill Constant Home matches played at Forsythe Park 2018 Roster: Cooper Curcio Kallie McKenzie Jonathan Wright William Wright Cassidy Flood Chris Hakim Sydney Flood Kyle MeCabe Allan Dumas Haley Sioleski News and Highlights

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