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2019-2020 Tuition and Fees Tuition (payable in a lump sum or monthly payments) Student Activity Fee Registration Fee (returning and new students, non-refundable) FACTS Tuition Management Enrollment Fee $7600.00 $350.00 $250.00 $45.00 Varsity Sports Fee (per activity) Junior Varsity Sports Fee (per activity) Theatre Production Participation Fee Graduation Fee Yearbook Transcript $110.00 $85.00 $50.00 $100.00 $75.00 $10.00 There may also be subject specific fees. Please refer to our Course Selection Handbook. Tuition and fees subject to annual review by finance … Read More

State of the School

00:00- Opening Slide 00:05- Bryan Smith Introduction 00:12- Bryan Smith Speech 07:10- Travis Rask Gives Financial Status of Coleman 09:35- Bryan Smith Speaks 18:02- Marie Anderson Speaks 22:42- Ellen Anderson Speaks 38:54- Student Michelle Moughan Speaks 44:15- Student Brandon Lawerance Speaks 48:34- Bryan Smith talks about Future Goals

Wine & Cheese Thanks!

Thank you for supporting our 2019 Wine & Cheese Fundraiser! Your tickets will be waiting at the door for you at the event.

Email Directory

Ellen Anderson – Co-Principal Marie Anderson – Co-Principal Sue Bannen – Library Lynne Callahan – Photography/Physical Education Lynne Callahan – Yearbook Stephanie Cecelia – Spanish Andrea Clausi – Social Studies Lynda Corey – Resource Christie Creeden – Office Kelly Culver – English Mary-Lou Giuliano – Alumni Mary-Lou Giuliano – Development Elizabeth Ditolla – Guidance George Endres – Social Studies Dave Goho – Social Studies/Dean of Students Monica Gonzalez – Spanish   Mary Lou Giuliano – Office Regina Heffernan- Science Victoria Howland – English/Music Tiffany Ivino – Math Kim Kross – Nurse Karen Kuhn – IT/Webmaster Mike McCabe – Religion Cindy O’Connor – Finance Principal … Read More

Indoor Track

Co-ed team Coach: Patrick Lopiano 2018/19 Roster: Paul Cornell Francis Graham Brandon Lawrence Colin Leahy Ethan Lee Connor McKenna Kyle Mecabe Mateo Mercado Natasha Haskell Britney Gaceta Christina Lawrence Anna Larson News and Highlights

Boy’s Tennis

Coach: Bill Constant Home matches played at Forsythe Park 2019 Roster: Kallie McKenzie Jonathan Wright William Wright Cassidy Flood Amine Abidi Margaret Fitzgerald Kyle MeCabe Allan Dumas Haley Sioleski Emma Dentico News and Highlights

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