How Collaborative Learning Leads to Student Success

Encouraging students to reach out to each other to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills, but it leads to deeper learning and solidified meaning of teamwork. Something that they will use throughout your lifetime.

What our collaborative learning style empowers and enables is a student's resilience -- how do you look to your classmate as a resource, how do you test your own theories, how do you understand if you're on the right or wrong track? This collaboration teaches our students that it's not just about books and content; it's about cultivating habits of mind (critical thinking) that are the keystones of lifelong scholarship.

We are proud of the collaborations that are formed as our students progress through their high school years at Coleman.

Students are exposed to goal setting as soon as they enter in their first year. They are taught how to collaborate with students across grade levels to work on the same goals. They learn team work, as members of a team or as leaders of the team. This is demonstrated by our faculty, staff and administration as well. Each department may be working on short and long-term goals that effect other departments within the school building. Students learn how to set expectations for themselves and others.