The Nurse's Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 11:30am. If students require medical attention outside of those hours they MUST notify their classroom teacher or report to the Main Office.

Kimberly Kross, RN

Any new student entering Coleman High School, as well as 11th graders, will need a physical exam. This may be done by your medical provider (family physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner) or by the school medical provider. If your child had a sports physical over the summer at Kingston High School, then another physical is not required.

All physicals need to be done within 12 months prior to the first day of school. If the physical is done by your family doctor, please be sure that the form is COMPLETED.

Students will be screened by the school nurse every year for height, weight, vision, hearing and scoliosis in 9th grade. If a sport physical was done then this will have already been completed. Please call with any questions or health concerns.

SPORTS PHYSICALS: In order to make a valid physical into a sports physical, you must fill out a health history interval form and an emergency contact form within 30 days prior to the date of the beginning of the sport.

SPORTS PHYSICALS ARE DONE AT THE KINGSTON HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE SUMMER.To make an appointment after June 1st call ( 845 )-943-3742. If an emergency medication is required a school medication form must be completed by a medical doctor and parent. Information and school forms will be provided to the students at the end of the school year for the summer physicals.

At any time a student is injured and requires medical attention for the injury a note will be needed from the doctor to return to the sport.

School Health Services address two general areas of school health:

1.  Provision of Nursing Care

• Basic First Aid and Care to students with illness or injuries that occur while at school
• Specialized Nursing Care for students with ongoing illnesses or disabilities
• Assessment and Referral to Physician for Medical Care and follow up
• Medication Administration
• New York State Mandated Annual Health Screenings(vision, hearing , color perception, scoliosis
• Liaison between the parent, doctor and school

2.  School Environmental Health

• Consultant for building safety concerns
• Immunization record collection, surveillance and annual  reporting
• Communicable disease data collection and mandated Health Department Reporting

Students may obtain an application for working papers at the nurses’ office.

This form is required if you wish to share medical information with faculty members regarding a students’ medical condition ,medications etc.

Students are not permitted to take medication during school hours unless state requirements are met. These requirements have been made to safe-guard your child. In order to give medication in school the nurse must have on record:

  1.  A written order from the physician, indicating the drug, the amount or dosage to be given and the time and frequency it is to be administered. Medication orders are valid for one year.
  2.  A written consent from the parent giving the school personnel permission to give the student the medication prescribed.
  • Please note at the high school level emergency medications (inhalers ,Epipens , Glucagon) are self-administered and self-carried by the   student.
  • This must be documented by the physician on the school medication form which may be obtained at the nurses’ office.
  •  A student who has required a medication in the past ( inhaler, epipen,etc ) and no longer requires the medication in school must have a physicians order stating no longer required.