Sr. Elizabeth Ditolla

School Counselor

School Code: 332700

The Guidance Department assists students in dealing with academic decisions, career plans, personal problems, social skills, and other areas in preparing the student to take their place in society. The Guidance Department is located behind the main office area.

In addition to Guidance Counselor services, students have access to materials available in the Guidance Resource Area and are encouraged to make use of the availability of materials found here. The Guidance Resource Area is located in the open area outside of the Guidance Secretary’s Office. This area is open to parents and students.                                                                 

  • Each 9th and 10th grade student must take a minimum of 7 credits
  • Each 11th and 12th grade student must take a minimum of 6 credits
  • Parents must sign the course selection sheet and return it to Guidance before the courses will be accepted and scheduled
  • Students normally take only ONE study period – consideration will be made for those students with a full course load
  • Coleman Catholic High School reserves the right to cancel any course if there are not enough students enrolled

Final schedules will be mailed in early August. Any schedule change requests must be made in writing by the third week of August and will only be made, if necessary, during the first 2 weeks of school and only upon the recommendation and determination of the parents, guidance counselor and teacher.

Departmental Approval on any course usually means that the department is looking for a B average in the student’s prior year in order to be considered for an Advanced Placement course. Some exceptions are made.

Call the Director of Guidance with any questions regarding course selection or availability.