New Visions Program - 12th Graders Only

The New Visions Career Exploration Programs utilize the community as a learning tool. Honors-level English, Participation in Government and Economics curricula are applied to the careers being explored. Through planned internships, New Visions students experience hands-on learning and the application of knowledge in the workplace. The New Visions programs place high school seniors beside local professionals, giving them an opportunity to witness the application of classroom learning to real world situations and careers. The experience provides college-bound students with the information necessary to make a career choice by design, not by default.

Seniors have the opportunity to earn 9 college credits while still in high school. This credit is earned through special arrangements made with Ulster County Community College. By taking English, Government and Economics through New Visions, students fulfill their high school graduation requirements as well.

New Visions classes meet formally two times a week throughout the school year for a half-day. For the remainder of the week, the community becomes the classroom. Students intern at various work sites in the community and have direct access to their instructor, but are under the direct oversight of the professionals in the workplace. The New Visions class schedule still allows students to take classes at their home school.

Programs Available

Advanced Robotics & Engineering
Music & Audio Engineering


Students seeking admission submit an application that includes two confidential references, a handwritten essay, a high school transcript, and must also attend a personal interview. Applications are available in the high school guidance office. All motivated high school seniors are encouraged to apply.