Like most student information, Report Cards are viewed via the PlusPortal.

  1. Once your student’s info comes up, click the More button.
  2. Click the Report Card button located on the menu strip across the screen to view the current report card.
  3. From this screen you may also print out a copy of the report card.
  4. You may check your student’s progress toward the service hour requirement by clicking the Demographic tab. There will be three lines of labeled data:
    • Sum Lft & Required, is the sum of the hours not previously completed in prior years plus the hours required for the current year.
    • Earned in yy-yy, represents the number of hour the student turned in for this school year.
    • Hrs. to go is the number of service hours the student needs to complete this year.

If you need further additional help accessing your student’s information, please call the school and one of our counselors or Mr. VanPelt will walk you through the process.