Coleman’s yearbook club and adviser Lynne Callahan produce a full color, 120 page yearbook each year. Students who wish join yearbook can be involved in every aspect of production such as taking photographs, designing and creating pages, and editing. Meetings take place at least every other week from September through March. Students also have the opportunity to work on yearbook tasks throughout the school day during homeroom or study hall.

Members of the yearbook staff are able to take photographs with their own cameras during school events and during the school day. Pictures are then uploaded to an interactive website that is used to edit photos, design page layouts, and use different colors, fonts, and graphics to create pages.

Yearbook pages are created for most school events, organizations, and activities:

  • School plays
  • Sports teams
  • School clubs
  • Spirit Day, Pep Rally, Dances
  • And so much more!                

Students who are creative, have an eye for design,

enjoy taking pictures, or want to have input on

their school’s yearbook should join our club.

All are welcome!


Parents or students who have photographs from any Coleman events are encouraged to send in a CD to Lynne Callahan or email them to:

Be sure to include your name and a brief description of the event. We are always gathering pictures and love shots from: 

  • Junior/Senior Prom
  • Candid and action shots from any sport  
  • "Remember When" photos of the current senior class from elementary or middle school, or as freshman- preferably of students together